learn to say no

Learn To Say No

Sometimes you just have to say no. Right now as I sit to write this I’m unable to find the quote that rings in my mind when I think of this topic. I’ll aim to simplify it. “It’s not the things we said yes to that made us a success, it was the things we…

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5 year plan

Why Have A 5 Year Plan?

Do you even have a 5 year plan? Most people don’t have a 5 year plan, let alone a 5 day plan… Some feel that it makes them feel trapped and unable to have the freedom to flow from moment to moment in life. An interesting thought but at the same time how fulfilling do you…

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How To Build Your Audience

An essential focus when starting your business. So you’re starting your journey with your online business, you’re super excited! Holding the vision of what is possible in your mind and wanting to talk to anyone about what you’re up to! Then a month goes by and you’re still lacking results, now you’re starting to question…

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Take Action

3 Tips To Take Action When You Don’t Want To!

Some day’s you just don’t want to take action… I’m sure you’ve had those times when you know you have something to do yet you just cant be bothered. Or you’re constantly looking for the exit door to be able to justify your way out of having the time to take action on the task…

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Intuition: What Is It And How To Strengthen It?

I’m sure you’ve heard the idea of intuition before… But what is it? I know for myself going back many years ago before I started on my self mastery path I understood intuition conceptually but not in practice. I guess to some degree you could say it was my intuition that had me decide to…

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Perfection: The Dream Killer

Do you call yourself a Perfectionist? Growing up we came through an educational system that rewarded the idea of perfection and sometimes overlooked the effort put in. Sure this can have it’s plus’ where it encourages you to perfect the subject at hand. But this might bring you praise in the education system but striving…

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Blood Donation: Why You Should Start In 2018!

What’s your view on blood donation? For many years I had the view that “my blood is MY blood, I’m not giving it away!” Gosh, what a thought process right? Talk about the EGO controlling this idea called blood donation! What I came to realise is that it was in my mind that I was actually…

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How to be happy

How To Be Happy!

This had been a question of mine for many years… How to be happy? It can seem to be a fairly logical question. Just do what makes you happy! See that is the common response but every month there is 100,000 to 1 million searches on google for this exact topic ‘How to be happy.’…

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online business

Why You Should Start An Online Business In 2018.

An online business will challenge you in ways unlike before. Ok first thing I must jump in here with is when I’m talking about online business don’t be thinking I’m going to say you’ll be a millionaire by Christmas! Because that is some scam marketing that you’ve been subjected to and it’s simply not true! What…

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What are emotions?

Emotions: What Are They And Why Do We Have Them?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘why do I have to feel these emotions?’ I know for myself there have been plenty of times I have asked myself this question. Emotions can create turmoil in life and interestingly it’s not their fault. Have you ever had your heart-broken and had that wrenching pain in your chest?…

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