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My Journey… And a blast from the past!

I need to see tangible results…

This is something that I have heard time and time again from prospective clients when I have an initial Clarity Call with them. At times it doesn’t just stop there, it flows on through the time we are working together…. AND I totally get it!

Coaching can be a large investment and I don’t claim to be cheap but I do produce the results for my clients. Yet for many first timers to coaching they can find it a little daunting to be investing so much into something that they cannot touch. Coaching isn’t like buying a new car or that new pair of pumps for that new outfit…

Yet the return on investment will far out way the momentary joy that comes from the purchase of the new item and initial recognition comments from your social circle.

So let’s step back in time… To 2012!

For me my journey in this coaching space (as a client) started in 2012 with a transformational moment in my life which consisted of 1 simple sentence. “I think I might do programing, I wonder what Dad will think.” This was the sentence I had said out loud to my then fiancé as she stood in the kitchen cooking dinner after I had walked out of the study focusing on a uni assignment. At the time I was studying Mechanical Engineering and the subject at that moment (if you hadn’t guessed) was programing.

At this point in time I had started to fall out of love with my drafting role in the mining industry in Perth WA. I had been in the same job for the 8 years prior and was needing a change. Interestingly enough, these days I build my own websites etc so that thought of stepping into programming kind of played out… But I digress.

It was in that moment of me verbalizing my thoughts I caught myself (and so did my fiancé at the time), although she beat e to saying the words I had just realized. “It’s not your Dad’s life, it’s yours. What does it matter what he thinks!” Now she wasn’t a big fan of my parents so there was a tone injected into her comment but none the less she was right. It was my life and I (now) understand the embedded female desire she was speaking from.

She wanted a man who was his OWN man. Not one that was at the approval from others, let alone his parents. As in that moment I wasn’t showing strength, I was showing uncertainty and this is an alarm bell for the female in nature.

What was that NLP guy’s details?

A month prior, she had been introduced to a man who would inevitably transform my life. A NLP master by the name of Gary De Rodriguez. I had seen a notable improvement in my ex when she had been to one of his weekend sessions, improving the relationship with her Dad seemingly overnight. So I got the detail from her and booked in my first 1 on 1 coaching session.

I continued working with Gary over a number of months, at times seeing him weekly as we worked though my baggage. I went into it not knowing what to expect but I knew I was ready for change, I was unhappy in life, unhappy with my life and wanting to become the man a women could look at and be proud to call her man.

About a year after I dived into a number of programs that Gary had on offer, eventually completing my NLP Practitioners certification with him… And this is where we get to the point and intention behind this blog post.

Here’s why I’m telling you this story.

Recently Facebook reminded me of a video testimonial I had completed at the end of the 10 day NLP Practitioners certification. Whilst my identity and EGO feels it embarrassing to share, it’s important that I do. It’s important that you understand where I started as a comparison to who you know me to be today. So that you understand where you are now is not where you have to stay. You too can be stepping into the life you truly desire!

As a caveat to this, I recently did a recap session with one of my 1 on 1 clients. Everything that have learnt over my last 6+ years, I had taught her in a matter of 10 weeks. So you can either go on the journey solo (and I hope it doesn’t take you 6+ years) OR you can invest into coaching…. You decide. (Click here for my coaching options)

So are you ready for the video?



Let me fast track the growth for you!

At the time of me writing this (21 Feb 19) this video was 5 years and 7 months ago and this was me not at my lowest point when I was even more socially awkward than I am there. Heck I couldn’t event express the happiness I said i was experiencing. But it’s key to understand, who I am today is NOT who I have always been.

And if you are ready to fast track your growth, leveraging all my lessons and learnings that has taken me 6+ years to become who I am today than it’s not even a decision you should question, simply commit to any level of coaching support that I offer ->  ‘How I Can Help’

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