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He Doesn’t REALLY Want To Change! Here’s Why…

It is SOOO easy to say you ‘want’ to change but it’s the follow through is where the gold is!

That is were new connections are formed within the subconscious and the conscious mind to form a new layer that defines your identity!
When was the last someone said to you “I am ready to change.” Yet their actions said they were not congruent to someone who is ready to change, so the only conclusion you could draw is they are either lying to you OR to themselves…
I’ve seen this countless times in the relationship cycles that my clients have and are going through. They confront their partner AGAIN pulling him up about how he has / is treating her. Be it the emotional abusive comments or the lack of respect finally the pain gets enough that she will stand up and voice her annoyance.
Yet this time around (just like last time) he has her feeling like ‘this time will be different’ and promises he’ll change. YET the thing to note, she said to herself the last time that ‘this time will be the last time’…
Only to be convinced that this time WILL be different, heck, he even suggested they go out for dinner as part of the ‘proof’ it will be different.
Ladies, does this sound familiar?
But I get it, you can see his true nature, the REAL him and you ‘know’ this isn’t it. You know he has a good heart and that he is much better than this. And look I don’t doubt all of that BUT there comes a time when you’ve actually have to match up his words with his actions!
I know you got into this relationship because he made you feel safe, perhaps it was that touch of the bad boy that had you feel like if anything happened he’d be able to look after you. You feel physically safe in his arms yet you’re far from being emotionally safe which is the the true safeness you’re seeking!
It’s ok to want this from your man, it’s perfectly normal but there comes a time when you’ve got to be that for yourself.
Perhaps it’s the fact his emotional abuse has broken your self trust that you don’t know if you can trust yourself anymore and your own judgement that you seek that from him. BUT in life tough decisions must be made based on the knowledge you had in that current moment. So if this is you. Then this is the message I have for yourself, schedule a risk free clarity call with myself. Where we will uncover where on your journey lost trust in yourself and craft a plan for you to regain your self trust and more!

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