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Being Liked IS Hurting You!

Next time you’re hanging out with someone ask yourself if you’re ‘trying to be liked?’ And then ask yourself ‘at what cost?’

In order for people to like us we must be like them… This is basic physiology and includes personality traits, hobbies and behaviors… And as we’re living in a world that is becoming less connected than before many people are finding themselves trying to be liked by other people more than being true to themselves.

So why is being liked hurting you?

Because it will leave you feeling empty, used and unhappy, just like many of my clients have experienced. This year seems to have had a trend of ‘cleaning out the friends’ that didn’t really value them. With them wake up to being true to themselves rather than trying to be liked.
Yet this is only the first step and once taken place it will create a void that will find uncomfortable. Some will flourish with this new space, others who aren’t strong enough or truly know who they are will fall into it.

That opens another great question…. WHO ARE YOU? Really?

If you’re struggling to answer this question then schedule a free clarity call and lets start to uncover your true self so you can step into being the women you were born to be!

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