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I Messed Up!

I messed up!

Recently I spent 2 nights sleeping on the concrete floor in Kuala Lumpur airport because I made a judgment call on what I heard and what it actually meant.
It all started by missing my return flight to bali by 10 mins, next when talking to a service rep about the cost of the next flight they had said the cost will be ‘188’. This was the moment I messed up!
For me, I run a tight financial budget and keep most of my money in a separate bank that I don’t have card access to. What I knew in that moment is I had $100 Australian in my account I had access to. Which was fine as I had money coming in on the Monday, I didn’t need any more. But I jumped to a conclusion…
When he said ‘188’ I thought ‘I don’t have access to that much’ and walked off to try and figure out, to transfer money across my banks.
But being that it was a Saturday it took until Monday for the money to show up. So I slept 2 nights on the floor at the airport.

Why did I do this?

Because I was taking ownership of my situation, I understood one thing. ‘I got myself into this, it’s my responsibility to get myself out of this and I’m prepared for what I must deal with in order to get through it.’
Sure I could have asked a friend / my parents to transfer money into one of my banks. But that’s the old me, that’s the Brett who had a story about ‘I can’t look after myself. That I need to be rescued’ on this occasion it was important I stare that old identity in the face and power through it, no matter if it meant sleeping on the concrete floor for 2 nights.
So I get back to that ‘188’ part… Monday morning roles around and I realized, he wasn’t talking Aussie dollars… he was talking Malaysian Ringgit… that works out to be about $64 AUD!

I slept on the floor for no reason! But there are 2 lessons in here.

It highlights how easy miss communication can take place, what you hear is not always what is correct. I was stressed from knowing I was on a time crunch going through customs, when he told me 188 I wasn’t present to the fact he meant something other then AUD.
The other part is self acceptance. This is a struggle I hear a lot about. Sure, I would have loved to have to have spent those 2 nights in my warm comfy bed. But it’s a case of accepting that in that moment ‘I did the best I could’. It’s all too easy to go into self judgement and something I hear people struggling with, that part of hindsight, where ‘based on what I know in this moment I ‘should’ have done better!
But the person you were then isn’t the person you are right now, so in that moment have compassion that you did the best you could do. 😊

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