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Abusive Relationships are not just intimate relationships

Abusive relationships are not limited to just intimate relationships. There can be abusive friendships or family relations. And just because they are a friend or family member doesn’t give them any more right to be abusive to you. So sometimes you have to break up with a friend or step away from your family for

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Why Create Your Own Security In Life

Don’t rely on someone else. ‘True Security isn’t something someone else create for you. It’s something you create for yourself.’ Are you seeking that relationship so you can feel secure in life? Or to complete something within yourself that you’re otherwise not willing to look at? So often this is the case, yet there is

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LWO Scholarship Program: The Mission To Create Impact and Giving Back!

Together We Can Transform The World! When I started Life With Options I ran countless free coaching sessions with people all over the earth, from first world and third world countries. The focus being to deepen my understand of what drives people on a broader scale, independent of race, religion, social environment or social status.

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I Messed Up!

I messed up!  Recently I spent 2 nights sleeping on the concrete floor in Kuala Lumpur airport because I made a judgment call on what I heard and what it actually meant. It all started by missing my return flight to bali by 10 mins, next when talking to a service rep about the cost of

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My Journey… And a blast from the past!

I need to see tangible results… This is something that I have heard time and time again from prospective clients when I have an initial Clarity Call with them. At times it doesn’t just stop there, it flows on through the time we are working together…. AND I totally get it! Coaching can be a

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Why Do People Abuse Others?

What drives someone to abuse another person? If we’re going to talk about how to talk about how to support someone who has been on the receiving end of an abusive relationship, then it is also important to talk about why does the person abuse others? You might be thinking this topic seem’s less important

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How to support a friend who has been though an abusive relationship?

Abusive relationships are more common than you might think, how to be that support? As time passes, more and more women are becoming more comfortable to speak of their abusive relationships. Yet it is still a very delicate topic for many! And not specifically for the reason you might think. For many women who have

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Is it still abuse if he was drunk?

At what point is it not abuse? I’m not going to keep you waiting to know where I stand on this topic, abuse is NEVER acceptable no matter the circumstances! Now with that said let me get into this topic as I have intended, yet first…. Why am I addressing this topic? I mean why

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What is an abusive relationship?

What is an abusive relationship… Abusive in relationships is a topic that we may find ourselves falling down a large rabbit hole as we start to uncover it all, but for the focus of this blog I will keep it at a high overview level. Let’s start with a defining what is abuse, as for

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He Doesn’t REALLY Want To Change! Here’s Why…

It is SOOO easy to say you ‘want’ to change but it’s the follow through is where the gold is! That is were new connections are formed within the subconscious and the conscious mind to form a new layer that defines your identity! When was the last someone said to you “I am ready to

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Being Liked IS Hurting You!

Next time you’re hanging out with someone ask yourself if you’re ‘trying to be liked?’ And then ask yourself ‘at what cost?’   In order for people to like us we must be like them… This is basic physiology and includes personality traits, hobbies and behaviors… And as we’re living in a world that is

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How To Be Connected To The Moon But Not Let It Run Your Life!

Human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience?   Which is it you believe?   Either way, each view portrays the connection between being both human and spiritual in the one existence.   Now I’m aware for some this is a rather delicate topic and I give it the respect

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Girls…. Your Selfie Is Hurting You!

Your selfie might look good, but it’s NOT good… You know the one that has the top down angle, playful glimmer in her eye, cheeky smile and just the right amount of boob to not be called something inappropriate by her girl friends… It gets the likes, it gives her that dopamine rush she’s looking

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He Said “You’re Broken!”​ You Believed Him – Here’s WHY!

You’re broken, you’re unlovable, you’re lucky you have me cause no one else would love you OR you’re getting a little ‘chubby’…. They are all a projections of his own insecurities that he’s not willing to or unable to acknowledge, so he directs his pain towards you! These are some of the comments many of my clients have

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Women… Your EGO Is Damaging YOUR Relationships!

That’s right, women your EGO is damaging your intimate, personal and professional relationships! Below I’ll outline 2 reasons why, but for now if you’re triggered and pointing the finger at me say “what about men’s EGO’s!?!?” If this is you, then point number 2 is for you! So what is the EGO? Google defines it

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Are You A People Pleaser?

Speaking to my coaching clients I’ve seen this to be one of the most debilitating traits.   In this video I dive into some of the traits to look out for, how to identify them and also a way to be able to find freedom within this personal trait. So that you can take back

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Just Walk Away!

I had this awareness! “When you want to take something to the next level, sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away from it!” What comes up for you when you read that? Is it resistance? Is it agreement out of the frustration you may feel? Or is it confusion because it

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Can You Recieve A Compliment?

Or do you struggle with this? How many times have you deflected a compliment when someone has offered it to you? You know that default response when they say ‘you look good today’ being something to the effect of “thank you, so do you.” or “oh this old thing?” Did you know that deflecting a

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