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LWO Scholarship Program: The Mission To Create Impact and Giving Back!

Together We Can Transform The World!

When I started Life With Options I ran countless free coaching sessions with people all over the earth, from first world and third world countries. The focus being to deepen my understand of what drives people on a broader scale, independent of race, religion, social environment or social status. During this time it became very evident that we are all seeking the same things deep down. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what environment you’ve grown up in, it’s only the details that change but the core message is always the same. At the core there is a desire to grow as a human, to support those around us, to give back and to live a more fulfilled life as a result. Yet the other thing that was extremely evident was not everyone the same financial resources in life, this could be as a result of the country they live in or just the way their life has turned out as a result of various decisions. All of this sparked the question “how can I give and support more” because I could hear the pain in many people’s voices that conveyed the struggle they are going through in life yet due to circumstances their financial resources limited their ability to investing coaching / self education.

Closing the gap and Widening The Opportunities.

This enquiry lead to the birth of the ‘Women’s Community Forum’ a low end coaching and education support platform. Allowing the Life With Options coaching to be more accessible with monthly Q & A webinars to bring light to community forum members challenges. Yet this still isn’t enough as for some the higher end options are what they are requiring to break through their challenges and regain their life.

Introducing the LWO Scholarship Program

The LWO Scholarship Program is a community funded initiative with 10% of all coaching programs, merchandise and any other Life With Options product sales going towards funding the higher end education for those women who are struggling in life but due to circumstances and are unable to afford the coaching themselves. Each year there will be a limited number of LWO Scholarships awarded and they will be awarded on a case by case basis through an application process once a Clarity Call has been conducted.

Together We Can Make A Difference.


Women's Community Forum

$9.98 AUD Monthly (Approx $7.10 USD)

21 Day Mind Reset Program​

1 Payment of $37 AUD (Approx $26 USD)

Path 2 BE Me

Women’s 12 Week Group Program

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