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Abusive Relationships are not just intimate relationships

Abusive relationships are not limited to just intimate relationships. There can be abusive friendships or family relations. And just because they are a friend or family member doesn’t give them any more right to be abusive to you. So sometimes you have to break up with a friend or step away from your family for

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Why Create Your Own Security In Life

Don’t rely on someone else. ‘True Security isn’t something someone else create for you. It’s something you create for yourself.’ Are you seeking that relationship so you can feel secure in life? Or to complete something within yourself that you’re otherwise not willing to look at? So often this is the case, yet there is

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LWO Scholarship Program: The Mission To Create Impact and Giving Back!

Together We Can Transform The World! When I started Life With Options I ran countless free coaching sessions with people all over the earth, from first world and third world countries. The focus being to deepen my understand of what drives people on a broader scale, independent of race, religion, social environment or social status.

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Resilient & Real Podcast Interview

This was such a fun interview, shared about relationships, self love / self acceptance and more! Click below to go and check it out! Click Here To Listen To Part 1

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I Messed Up!

I messed up!  Recently I spent 2 nights sleeping on the concrete floor in Kuala Lumpur airport because I made a judgment call on what I heard and what it actually meant. It all started by missing my return flight to bali by 10 mins, next when talking to a service rep about the cost of

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