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Women… Your EGO Is Damaging YOUR Relationships!

That’s right, women your EGO is damaging your intimate, personal and professional relationships!

Below I’ll outline 2 reasons why, but for now if you’re triggered and pointing the finger at me say “what about men’s EGO’s!?!?” If this is you, then point number 2 is for you! So what is the EGO? Google defines it as “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.” This is that unhealthy self belief that is borderline entitlement, the one that says “I’m perfect and it’s everyone else’s fault or issue!” Right now you might even be feeling this little voice coming up inside and being directed at me for writing this? IF that is the case, then good! Because I have your attention! Whilst you’re sitting in that space I ask you, how does that keep you isolated? Not REALLY having a true heart connection? Only to be having surface connections with the people around you? Because I hate to break it to you, but your no better than anyone else, just like no one else is any better than you! So it’s time to get off that high horse and take ownership for it so that you can actually have the depth of connection you’re truly craving! SO do you want to know why your EGO is damaging your relationships?

1. You Believe You Don’t Have An EGO

This is the most detrimental aspect of it all, there is a deep belief that you’re perfect, sweet and innocent. Which is mostly programming from childhood when you were told this over and over. Sure it’s good to have a healthy relationship with this belief, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. A healthy relationship to it won’t damage your relationships. But hey it’s not your fault, you grew up in a world that people told you that you’re sweet and innocent and then you have society only shining the light on the man’s EGO. Bringing light to this, so awareness only comes through education and the education has simply been lacking. Yet what you’ll experience as a result of this is a disconnection with the people around you, people aren’t able to truly get close to you. They will sense this entitlement energy that you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have. Yet your whole being radiates it. Life will be lonely as men wont stay around because eventually they will be sick of being put down and broken from the emotional abuse you’re sending their way. So you’ll find yourself in and out of relationships but yet never dealing with the REAL issue!

2. You Have Always ‘Got Your Way’

People around you sense your EGO almost instantly and the dominating force you carry yourself with unconsciously says “I’ll get my way OR I’ll rip your head off!” Because people can sense this many will just find it easier to allow you to get your way because it’s the easier option. Sure you might be happy with the result and I’m not saying at times you’ve earned it BUT constantly showing up like this WILL drive people away from you. Whether it is at your workplace, social circles OR relationships, you’ll find people will avoid you because how you radiate your entitlement. But yet the one thing you deeply desire – true intimate connection – is also the one thing you will NOT find… That is UNTIL you step down from this entitled place, learn to be more humble and acknowledge your faults and flaws. The entitlement comes from this belief that ‘your perfect’ and whilst we ALL are perfect in our own way, we are all ‘broken’ and have failed at things in life but for as long as you sit in this entitled belief you’ll always feel tension in life, loneliness and also a deep unhappiness in life. So how does it feel to REALLY sit with the reality that the one thing you desire – true deep heartfelt connection – will never be something you’ll have? Let that sink in for a moment, let it get past your EGO and sink in just for a second… Now, life doesn’t have to be all ‘doom and gloom,’ the good news is that your life doesn’t HAVE to be this way if you truly don’t want it to be and that true deep intimate connect CAN be yours! So ladies if this is you, those around you are avoiding you, you have a deep inner emptiness that you’re ready to acknowledge. Then listen up! The first step to making this shift and actually having that deep connection your soul is searching for is to schedule a clarity call with myself, it’s as simple as that. A free 45 min call where we will outline the path moving forward all conducted in a safe, judgement free space that allows you to express yourself FULLY. Possibly even for the first time. -> Next Step, Click Link To Schedule Your Free Clarity Call  

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