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Just Walk Away!

I had this awareness!

“When you want to take something to the next level, sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away from it!”

What comes up for you when you read that? Is it resistance? Is it agreement out of the frustration you may feel? Or is it confusion because it seems counter intuitive? Which ever it is for you lets take a dive into it and uncover the awareness I have with it and see what shows up for you! First I want to ask you if you have ever experienced this… You had been learning a new skill or maybe recently started at a new job and it is feeling extremely difficult, you’re constantly feeling confused and as though you’re lost. Yet one day you go into the job or perhaps to complete that task and it has just seemingly clicked into place? Have you ever experienced this? It’s and interesting sensation and one that always excites me when the logic of what it is I’ve been attempting to complete seems to fall into place.


Have you also experienced a time when you first started to learn something, be it a new trick on your bike / skateboard, cracking that new brain teaser puzzle, hand stands or maybe your first sales cold call. What ever it is, the first time you do it you become extremely impressed with your ability, you’re not really thinking about what you’re doing, you’re just ‘doing it!’ Mostly because at this early phase of the new task you really don’t know what you’re doing, so you throw all your effort at it! Now whether the outcome from this is a success or it is not, no matter what this will be one of your best efforts at this task!

Why is this?

Because you didn’t over think it! Now the next time you go to do it you will be reflecting on the previous effort, analysing ‘all the things you did wrong’ only now to find yourself OVER analysing to a point your unable to give your full effort because now through every single step you’re brain is assessing and asking “is this right?” It’s doing this because you now have a frame of reference, you have your first attempt to compare it to!


When you walk away from the task you’re attempting to complete you give your nervous system the chance to discharge. For your brain to slow down and be distracted by another task! This process is important! During this process your brain and body gets to slowly detach from the pain you may have been feeling in the moment during the last attempt. Allowing your mind to let go of ‘how it should look’ this then takes the blinkers off or removes the tunnel vision you previously had. In doing so you get to reconnect to the outcome you desired from the task, whilst doing this you get to be with how that looks.

Then when you come back to it!

You are in a space that is open to all possible steps to achieve the outcome you’re seeking to achieve. So when you revisit it, all the learning from the previous attempts locks into place as the wisdom you now take into the task. This in turn gives you a new starting point to work from, you have ‘leveled up’ towards to desired outcome. It’s like starting a 10km run, the task at the start can feel daunting. Perhaps by the 5 km mark your body basically gives up, meaning the last 5 km’s looks next to impossible. So at the 5 km mark you have a rest, you recharge and recover. Now the last 5 km’s seems a lot more possible because you’re starting from a new starting point. Given you just followed that analogy ? you will understand that when you come back to the task at hand you’re feeling fresh and revived. Most of the time forgetting all the pain that caused you to walk away in the first place.

So remember!

Sometimes the best then you can do to level up on the task at hand is to walk away! 

  That said, if you’re struggling with this, book in a free 30 min introductory coaching call and lets dive into what is stopping you from leveling up!
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

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