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Life, It’s ALL Meaningless!

Did you know life is in fact meaningless? I know right firstly you’re probably looking for the ‘EXIT’ button on this page as your EGO just jumps up and should “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” But it is in fact true. Life is meaningless. That is until we humans come into the mix

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Do What Makes YOU Happy.

Who are you living to please? I just watched a YouTube video and the moral of the message was “create what makes you happy as you’ll have a better result in the long run.” Pretty logical really. I mean you’ve heard that many times I’m sure. Yet I know for myself I have a tendency

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What Do You Do When The Universe Says NO!

It’s with no doubt that you will be tested in life. “We know what to do when the universe says YES, but what will you do when the universe says NO?” Just let that sit there for a moment. Take it in, play with that thought and hypothesise with the words. Note if you wise

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Big Boys Do Cry!

What have you made it mean to cry? When was the last time you shed a tear? What was it about? How did you feel before and then how did you feel after? See crying is a natural thing, it happens when the emotional system is overloaded or when the there is something you have

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Nothing Good Comes From Closing.

Remind yourself to Open Wide. A beautiful friend of mine launched her new book recently called ‘Open Wide‘ and in here Melissa talks about this exact thing. But yet it didn’t quite sink in whilst I was reading the book, instead it stuck with be the night I attended the book launch. This book launch

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Are You Aware?

How many times do you find yourself unconsciously moving through your day? Yesterday I saw some girls nearly get hit by a car as they started to cross the road against the red man. Sounds pretty obviously when I say they were crossing against the red, right? But the thing was they weren’t consciously aware

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What is happiness to you? In my blog ‘How To Be Happy’ I spoke about the attachment to material things and how this is the fastest way to unhappiness. But yet this topic is much broader than just that. First let’s define ‘happiness’: Well that is really helpful now isn’t it… I mean how can

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The Irony Of Life…

Our journey back to bliss. This week I’m grateful to be getting a chance to meet my 1 month old niece. It’s my first niece and the first child in my family so I have no doubt this little on will be getting spoilt. Holding this little one in my arms looking at her peaceful

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Learn To Speak Your Truth.

What are you holding back from saying? Do you find yourself in a position where you constantly shut down when really there is something you want to say? Perhaps you’re concerned for how that person will respond to you speaking your truth? Yesterday I was listening to an audio that mentioned about a survey that

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Remember, You Are Human!

It sounds silly but it can be easy to forget. Ok ok haha I know you’re thinking ‘how can i forget am human, I can see that when I look in the mirror.’ Yes yes valid point, I guess I should be a little more specific then. ? Don’t forget what it means to be human!

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You Can Not Control Everything

The only thing you can control is YOU! This morning as I was down at Bondi Beach with my coffee in hand watching the sunrise I got talking to some of the regulars. These guys are much older and have a lot of stories to tell about the ‘old’ days of Bondi. One of the

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Your Future Self

Do you ever think about your future self? I know the concept sounds a little random but do you think about your future self? This idea was odd to me at the start but I had heard a few people say “my future self-will appreciate that.” Ok well they were more talking about it in

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The World Won’t Take You Serious Until You Take YOU Seriously!

How do you view yourself? What is the story that you have playing in your mind? Are you someone who deserves your dreams to come true? Or are you someone who doesn’t deserve anything in this life time? It is a really challenging thought and requires some brutal real talk. You can not ‘beat around

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Learn To Say No

Sometimes you just have to say no. Right now as I sit to write this I’m unable to find the quote that rings in my mind when I think of this topic. I’ll aim to simplify it. “It’s not the things we said yes to that made us a success, it was the things we

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Perfection: The Dream Killer

Do you call yourself a Perfectionist? Growing up we came through an educational system that rewarded the idea of perfection and sometimes overlooked the effort put in. Sure this can have it’s plus’ where it encourages you to perfect the subject at hand. But this might bring you praise in the education system but striving

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How To Be Happy!

This had been a question of mine for many years… How to be happy? It can seem to be a fairly logical question. Just do what makes you happy! See that is the common response but every month there is 100,000 to 1 million searches on google for this exact topic ‘How to be happy.’

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How Not To Care!

On Your Journey Learn How Not To Care So Much… Is about how not to care so much about needing the results. Rather to open up and allow them to flow in. This blog serves as a window in which I can impart knowledge. it allows me to openly express the journey to the end

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New to Meditation?

I started to explore meditation some years ago and like many at first it sounded like the hardest thing to do. Especially if you’re someone who’s brain at times drives yourself crazy! What I have grown to understand is that meditation is as individual as the sound of your own voice. It is an exploration

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