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What Do You Do When The Universe Says NO!

It’s with no doubt that you will be tested in life.

“We know what to do when the universe says YES, but what will you do when the universe says NO?” Just let that sit there for a moment. Take it in, play with that thought and hypothesise with the words. Note if you wise to change ‘universe’ for what you call your higher power, be it God, Allah, Vishnu. Then be my guest as the concept is the most important.  So what showed up for yourself? When I first heard these words they really hit me in the chest and made me stop. It was during Inky Johnson’s speech (linked below), in this Inky shares about his journey to the NFL and how he was struck with an injury leading up to his dream being reality.


So what will you do?

As the words portray, we know what to do when the universe says yes. Meaning when everything is going our way and flowing life is super easy. But when the universe says NO, what will your reaction be? Will you start to get pi**ed off? Send yourself into a negative spiral? Take it out on those around you? OR! Will you acknowledge that there is a reason for you not to get ‘that’ job, or perhaps for ‘that’ person to like you back you know the things that we tell ourselves we truly want. In the start of Inky’s speech above he talks about how a number of individuals were redirected from their regular routine on the day of 9/11. These individuals who would have been in one of those two towers at the time of the impact should they have not had something come up that morning. Be it a father whose wife asked him to take their daughter to kindergarten that morning. Which as a result he didn’t make it into the office at his usual time and hence his life was spared. Inky goes on to speak of a number of other examples.

But do you ever stop to think of it?

When you get redirected by the universe saying NO, do you ever think ‘Wow, I wonder what I just got saved from?’ This has been something that became part of my belief a few years back. At times I find myself playing with idea’s and thoughts in my mind and imagining the drama that I was just saved from. Perhaps it was that time you spilt your coffee as you were picking it up that forced you to spend an extra minute at the cafe to clean it up. Only to notice when you walk you your ex had just walked by. As a result of spilling the coffee and the extra time you were saved from an awkward conversation. There are SOO many things that we can consider about how we’re just the pieces of a global chess board being played by a power far greater than ourselves.

So what will your reaction be now?

Will you find a place inside that is more in flow? In Inky’s speech he talks about how a mentor of his shared a thought with him.

‘You cannot slow down the river, nor can you speed it up. At some point you just need to have faith!’

In other words just allow it all to unfold as it is, be grateful that it is unfolding and don’t look for all the answers right now in this very moment. They will all become clear as time unfolds.   In closing I’ll re pose the questions to you…. What will you do when the universe says NO?  

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