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Do What Makes YOU Happy.

Who are you living to please?

I just watched a YouTube video and the moral of the message was “create what makes you happy as you’ll have a better result in the long run.” Pretty logical really. I mean you’ve heard that many times I’m sure. Yet I know for myself I have a tendency to throw myself under the bus when it comes to my core passion.

Do you ever find you do this?

Find that you’ve gone down the road and come to another crossroad only to realise that you ‘did it again!’ Why is that? Personally I believe it’s because we live in a world that is so fast passed and there is so much at our fingertips that we can be sideswiped by the next idea. You see your friend ranting and raving about this, that or the other and you find yourself going down that rabbit hole.

So what is one way to keep your accountability to your cause?

One thing I have been exploring more recently and have been putting out there is to find myself a couch. Someone who has walked the path and who will be able to keep me accountable. Because when we have this accountability we’re lose the ability to flutter around. As a good coach will always bring you back to your word. As of last night I believe I have found the ideal coach for myself and with the confirmation email coming through this morning I’m super excited (and nervous) as to the road ahead.

The key is to play full out.

At the core you know what you truly want to do and what makes you happy. So when you find your coach, play full out. Be real with what you’re hearts desires are. You know what they are, it’s that thing you speak about so often. The ‘what I’d love to do’ hypothetical conversation you keep having with your friends and the people around you. That way your coach can guide you the best.  

So what is it that makes you happy? 


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