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Why is gratitude important?

I am writing this blog post as I sit on the balcony of my hotel room at the Hyatt Regency in Maui, Hawaii. The sound of the waves echoing through the night only metres away, but the purpose of this blog is not to talk about why I’m in Hawaii but more so an element OF being in Hawaii.

Would you agree that life is busy? Do you find yourself frantically running around from your JOB to your ‘out of work’ commitments only to find that at the end of the week when you get a moment you think ‘WOW where did that week go?’

Why is this?

Well it could easily be said that it’s because ‘life is busy’ or is that really just an excuse that is made up to justify the current situation?

Today I invite you to look at the world through different eyes, I invite you to STOP! Because what I would guess that there is an element of you that feels overwhelmed or out of alignment with your self? Am I correct? If so then take note.

Ask yourself the following… How often do you reflect on where you are and how far you have come? To stop in the moment and acknowledge the current situation and be grateful for all things in your life good and bad?

Sure things might be a little challenging at the moment, maybe the finances aren’t in order or you hate your job whatever the situation there is always a different way to view it.

The mere fact you are breathing is a reason to be grateful!

Because if you’re breathing you can change how your life is and if you’re going through a challenge then be grateful for it as it will have you grow to be stronger as a result.

When everything is consuming you, taking a moment out of your day to look at all the things to be grateful for in your life, it will have a grounding effect on your day. At times I agree when you’re in the tumble dryer of life it can be challenging to list things to be grateful for. In these moments just start to list some of the obvious things in your life, perhaps clean clothes, a great friend or the challenge that is having you grow.

What are 10 things you’re grateful for right now? If 10 rolls out easily than get a little deeper and list another 10. Start to notice how it re aligns what is truly important to you in life, make it a daily habit and observe how things start to shift.

So why did I mention about Hawaii? It’s simply the road to being here has not been smooth, it has been in fact rather challenging and at times questionable. But all of that doesn’t matter as in the end I’ve made it to the even here. I could easily get caught up in all the struggle that I still face in life but as I said it is important to stop and take notice of where you are. Connect with that and be grateful for everything you own and everything you have accomplished, no matter how big or small.

By implementing these moments into your day it will create a sense of fulfilment in your life, it will eliminate the chaos of trying to work out where the week went and ultimately it will aid in better inner happiness.

So list below, what are you grateful right now?

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