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How badly do you REALLY want that life?

Have you ever had anyone tell you to slow down? Or perhaps the opposite, you have had people question how bad you really want what you say?

So what is this all about? 

In this day and age as more and more people search for their purpose and decide to chase their dream it is going to challenge a few people’s realities.

That said, you might be starting out your new venture, perhaps it is a MLM, an Affiliate thing or your own products. What ever it is you’ll find people around you who will challenge your belief or dedication.

Where has this come from you ask?

A few places and let me explain, some years ago I found myself wanting more out of life, I was fed up and also realising that if I want to succeed in this world that I would have to create my own success.

This journey started with me loosing my job in the mining industry and then turning to the world of Network Marketing / MLM. During this time (and looking back now) I was caught up in the vision of what that business could offer. It’s what so many are chasing today, time and location freedom.

But there was a number of elements missing, without going to in-depth and keeping this on topic, the biggest thing I lacked was the work load to make it happen. Although thought the years I began to see another side of Network Marketing that I didn’t enjoy, I outline that in my blog – Is Network Marketing / MLM a Scam? 

Looking back now and as I refer to in the above mentioned blog, Network Marketing is build on hype. What this means is that I found myself caught in ‘the vision’, the one where I found myself ‘mentally living the lifestyle’ BUT my bank account didn’t represent that. What this meant for me was I had a MASSIVE disconnect between what it was going to take to make happen and the actions I was taking.

NOW fast forward 3 years…

The vision and the burning fire inside is bigger than ever and it is FINALLY being fuelled with a business that is a game changer, there is NO hype, NO BS and the real world education that supports your success. It feeds my passion, inspires me daily AND fuels me to put in the work that is necessary to achieve those goals!

But straight down the line, this blog is not to talk about my business, this blog is to talk about your drive, dedication and focus to go after your dreams!  

So coming back to that opening line, these days the game has changed, I now get told to slow down, to relax. I will straight up admit that my business is at times borderline an unhealthy obsession and I’m ok with that.

How badly do you REALLY want that life?

Because there is one thing that is going to be standing in the way of you and that life. Sure you might say it’s ‘you’, and in many ways it is true and in many this one thing takes care of that! It is going to take WORK! That work is not always going to be convenient, you will miss out on adventures but you know what, in the end when you’ve achieved your dreams do those little sacrifices really matter? To me, I say NO! Not one bit although I do work on some balance as there are times you will need to stop for a moment.

But then at the same time, what does your business mean to you?

What doorways will be opened through the journey?

And is it obsession or passion that is driving you?

On that note…

This video by Gary Vee I feel hits all of this on the head when he talks about what drives him, what has him get up and hustle the way he does so check it out.

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