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Is it still abuse if he was drunk?

At what point is it not abuse?

I’m not going to keep you waiting to know where I stand on this topic, abuse is NEVER acceptable no matter the circumstances! Now with that said let me get into this topic as I have intended, yet first…. Why am I addressing this topic? I mean why does it have to be abuse and drunk in the same sentence? As in how is this even a topic some might ask! And if that is you then perfectly understandable, I wish this wasn’t a topic but you see there are many women who I have had conversations with who will justify to no end why the abuse they received was forgivable because he had been drinking… This is just not acceptable as far as I’m concerned.

But it wasn’t really him…

This is what I hear way too often! The blindsided view of only seeing his ‘good’ side and completely ignoring that which they do not actually want to accept. For many women they have been justifying this behavior time and time again be ‘this time wasn’t as bad as last time…’ or of course ‘he was drunk and didn’t mean it…’ What this is really saying is that the woman who is in this situation doesn’t believe in herself. She doesn’t believe she is worth of a fully loving relationship and a man who ACTUALLY respects her. Rather because of her upbringing and relationship with what love looks like, she actually finds herself at home in this environment. Most of the reason for this is that the inner girl within her is craving love and attention and in the moments of abuse, be if verbal or in some aspects physical her inner child is actually receiving the attention she craves. You might say “that’s pretty messed up Brett!” and yeh I’d agree, yet it’s also very much the case. Time and time again I have seen this unfold and this is where my work comes in to it. To break the cycle that is playing out and guide the women who are in this situation to a place where they are able to cut this unconscious connection to this unhealthy relationship to love.

Brett… I find myself in this situation, what should I do?

If this is you, then firstly I want to point out that this blog isn’t about blaming you for any of how you have created your current reality. Yet it’s role is to open your awareness to it, as once you’re consciously aware of how you’re operating you then get to actually shift how you’re reacting. At the same time, are you ready to change this? Or is your identity still too attached to this reality you have created, one that has you in either emotional or physical damaging situations? Where you’re not able to be your full expression of yourself? If you are ready to detach yourself from this unhealthy environment then here’s the next step…. -> click here to schedule a free clarity call  

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