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How To Be Connected To The Moon But Not Let It Run Your Life!

Human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience?

Which is it you believe?
Either way, each view portrays the connection between being both human and spiritual in the one existence.
Now I’m aware for some this is a rather delicate topic and I give it the respect it deserves whilst also challenging your current reality as I see many allowing it to control their life. To the point they aren’t moving towards the goals they say they want to achieve.
(Now women, this isn’t a conversation about your personal cycles, so don’t take it there. That’s another conversation.)
The balancing act….
You’re here in this life to experience many things, to learn and grow. One of those lessons is to exist in both physical and spiritual at the same time, understanding the laws of the physical whilst being with the connection and energy flows within the spiritual.
Yet when you have an unhealthy balance of either life will seemingly stop.
Too heavy in the physical will create a heaviness, unfulfilled experience with everything being a struggle constantly pushing ‘life’ up hill. The connection with others will feel cold and lacking, others will also have the same experience of yourself. This isn’t the space we came here to experience, but for many it’s the starting place that allows them to have their ‘spiritual awakening.’
So let’s look on the flip side, being too high up in the clouds and connected to the spiritual space you’ll find yourself getting no where. Life will feel unfulfilled even with the high level of connectivity you are experiencing. This will create a spacey feeling that will trying to manifest everything into your life with little to no physical action… And whilst in order to achieve things in this world manifesting them in definitely plays a role. But when you ignore the laws of the physical world and sit so heavily in the spiritual you’ll allow things like the moon cycle to control your life.
The art of this incarnation is to find the balance between both the spiritual AND the physical, being able to feel and experience the spiritual connection downloading the information and then implementing into reality in the physical through intentional activities.
It is truly an art, I know, I’ve sat in both spaces in the past. Becoming TOO spiritually connected and lacking momentum and fulfillment in the physical and then cutting that off only to feel cold and ‘dead’. So the art is then finding the balance and respect the laws of both realities.
If however this is a space you’re struggling with to navigate, schedule a clarity call with myself via the link below.
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