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The World Won’t Take You Serious Until You Take YOU Seriously!

How do you view yourself?

What is the story that you have playing in your mind? Are you someone who deserves your dreams to come true? Or are you someone who doesn’t deserve anything in this life time?

It is a really challenging thought and requires some brutal real talk. You can not ‘beat around the bush’ when it comes to uncovering this because when you do you’ll only be negatively impacted by it. So take a moment and get real with yourself, do you take YOU seriously in the area’s of what you want to accomplish in this lifetime?

It’s an ongoing battle.

That little voice in your head that at times can be screaming at you “you’re not good enough!” will not like you’re real talk. It is going to look for way to validate wy you’re not worthy. Bringing up all those stories from the past that are ‘proof’, but you must call BS on this!

You absolutely deserve the results and the life of your dreams!

There is more to it!

When you do start out on your journey after your dreams you will come across ‘speed bumps’. These are people who will look to challenge your goal and in the early days if you don’t take yourself serious these people can knock you off your path. Although whilst you might find yourself off track, they will actually highlight area’s that you must strengthen your self view.

But as you keep showing up to the world consistently, from a place of self-worth you will find these people will quiet down a little.  Sure they won’t go away completely but as you show up each day eventually they get the realisation that you’re serious about this!

When you show up to the world taking yourself seriously the results will come! Before they do however you must work on your own mindset, strengthening it and ensuring that you first take yourself seriously! The rest will follow. ?


Bonus Point

I had already started writing this blog before I watched a vlog that just happened to be timely. It was by an Entrepreneur by the name of Lewis Mocker who runs an online Forex trading education company – Infinite Prosperity. In his vlog he discusses this concept and the impact of opperating from a scarcity mindset vs the confidenct / ‘Im the boss’ mindset. I’ve embedded it below.




So uncover today what is that one thing that is standing in your way from you taking yourself and your dreams seriously? 

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