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Your Future Self

Do you ever think about your future self?

I know the concept sounds a little random but do you think about your future self? This idea was odd to me at the start but I had heard a few people say “my future self-will appreciate that.” Ok well they were more talking about it in the context of putting off a problem at present haha so was more like “my future self can deal with that….” haha

But the context is better in the initial way.

It’s accountability to yourself.

We tend to find it much easier to do activities for others and that can keep us accountable. When you consider that who you are right now in this moment is one person. But in the future (seconds, minutes, days, years) you will be a ‘new’ person this becomes a hack to empower yourself to take action on a task.

It also gives you the chance to look back when that future moment arises to be grateful to yourself. Being able to acknowledge yourself and show yourself gratitude is a form of self-love. This awareness builds your self-esteem, happiness and desire to continue moving forward.

Can you think about a task?

What have you got that you’re putting off right now that your future self-will be grateful that you took the time to do it. For me I had been putting off listing items for sale. It had been on the back of my mind for way too long. Yet on the weekend I was confronted with a moment where I went through this exact process / justification so that I completed this task. Whilst this is not a new process for myself to consider my future self, that doesn’t mean I make it happen 100% of the time. But it’s definitely more often that I do than I don’t.

Sitting here now I am grateful for my past self to have taken the time to complete that task. ?


So try this way of thinking today when you come across a task that you’re putting off. Think of how your future self will feel knowing that the task has been completed!

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