You Can Not Control Everything

You Can Not Control Everything

The only thing you can control is YOU!

This morning as I was down at Bondi Beach with my coffee in hand watching the sunrise I got talking to some of the regulars. These guys are much older and have a lot of stories to tell about the ‘old’ days of Bondi.

One of the guys (Jimmy) told me a story about one of the other guys that was a regular. Whilst the context might be missing I’ll share the main point.

Many many years ago when this guy was 9 his Mum had told him and his friend “Don’t to go up to the rock/cliff area because there was tigers up there.”

Now first thing to note is there aren’t any tigers there, the mother was just trying to scare the kids off from going to a dangerous area.

The problem was it made the boys curious so they went up there to see the ‘tigers’, in the event the guy’s friend (also 9 at the time) fell off the cliff to his death.

A sad story but a reminder.

The outcome was horrible, it’s exactly what the mother was trying to do ie protect the boy and to have them not go up there.

But the reality is that we can not control everything, even if we attempt to put a different ‘spin’ on the situation in order to coordinate someone else’s actions.

This also raises the question that it is more likely a safer option to be honest and truthful because when you put a ‘spin’ on what you say, only YOU get it. The other person doesn’t understand the context you’ve created.

Don’t try to manipulate the situation. Say it as it is.

You cannot control the actions of anyone else so don’t try. If there is a situation, then speak from your truth. Don’t try an manipulate the outcome. You may find that as a result outcome may go the complete opposite then what you’re trying to control it to be.

But I’m just ‘consciously creating’ my world…

That you are not! Consciously creating based on the definition I speak of here will actually empower you to speak your truth. Instead of lying out of fear of the outcome.

Consciously creating is about being consciously aware of your emotions, thoughts, wha their triggers are and much more. Not purposely telling someone a ‘story’ to manipulate the outcome.


I challenge you today to speak your truth, don’t put a spin on the story you’re telling someone.

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