Remember, You Are Human!

Remember, You Are Human!

It sounds silly but it can be easy to forget.

Ok ok haha I know you’re thinking ‘how can i forget am human, I can see that when I look in the mirror.’ Yes yes valid point, I guess I should be a little more specific then. ? Don’t forget what it means to be human!

We can all be SO quick to judge, firstly to judge ourselves and then to judge others. Yet what is this all about?

It’s the apparently belief that ‘I/we MUST be PERFECT!’ 

Makes me laugh justing about the silliness of the idea because it’s a trap I fall into often! Only to catch myself realising how hard I’ve been on myself and that every step is an evolution in what it means to be human.

Human’s aren’t meant to be perfect.

Imagine that idea of a moment… Don’t pretend like you haven’t before so I’m sure imagining it isn’t hard ?. But how boring would it be to actually be perfect? Perfect implies that there is no room for growth, that there is nothing new to learn. That would just be like ‘ground hog day’ for your whole life. It would truly be boring!

Now I completely agree that we all should strive to become better than we were yesterday. That’s what keeps life interesting, keeping ourselves in a constant state of challenge of varying degrees.

The moral of the story.

When you find yourself becoming so hard on yourself that you’re not living up to your own expectations then take a moment to relax, laugh and stop taking life so seriously!

If you have ever looking into the world of ‘manifestation’ then you’ll have heard some along the lines of “in order to get what you want in life you must be in flow of it. Open to receiving it.” The interesting thing there is when you’re being so hard on yourself to be perfect, you’re actually closing yourself off to being in the flow. Your energy becomes rigid and unable to allow what you’re wanting in life to actually show up.

Perhaps you’ve had this experience for yourself, you’ve been in this place of ‘needing to be perfect’ and the result isn’t showing up. Then you realise you just need to take a break so you go for a walk and when you come back a result similar to that which you’ve been beating yourself up about shows up.

I know I sure have been in this situation.

So whilst this is a reminder for yourself, it is at the same time a reminder for myself.


Where are you right now in life? Are you beating yourself up about being perfect? If so, what can you do to get back in the flow and stop being so serious? 

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