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Nothing Good Comes From Closing.

Remind yourself to Open Wide.

A beautiful friend of mine launched her new book recently called ‘Open Wide‘ and in here Melissa talks about this exact thing. But yet it didn’t quite sink in whilst I was reading the book, instead it stuck with be the night I attended the book launch.

Open Wide

This book launch was not your usual book launch. Melissa and her amazing husband Nick (who is a highly talentated musician) entertained the audience with insights into the journey of the book whilst linking in Nicks amazing music (Check him out on Spotify).

It was within one of the passages that Melissa shared the concept of Open Wide and that ‘nothing good comes from closing.‘ that it really sunk home.

What does it mean?

There are times in life that we are triggered by the outside world and our unconscious reaction is the close or to hide from the world. Whilst we may not be doing that physically, internally and energetically we are.

So it’s in these moments Melissa shares how she will check in with herself and with love remind herself to ‘Open Wide’. To open her heart to possibilities, learning, the world and those around her.

It’s in this sharing that I really ‘got it’. Whilst I had created my own process for self analysis in these moments, my approach was to enquire into it and understand the trigger. To find out what the lesson was in that moment.

But yet it’s different.

Since holding this through at the forefront of my mind I have noticed a massive shift, mainly that it has become easier to return to an open state. Ultimately moving back into flow with life rather than blocking it. ?

Whilst I still run through my process as I believe it’s crucial to understand what causes your own reactions. Now when I find myself in this space of closing I pause and remind myself to open wide.

That the game I’m out to win in life will not show up for me when I’m closed. That the opportunities will only show up when you’re open to them. And we never know when the next opportunity will show itself.

This ties into being aware.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about being aware. Giving you one powerful tip to develop a new level of self awareness. If you haven’t read that then go and check it out > ‘Are You Aware?’

So I challenge you today to check in with yourself and remind yourself to Open Wide and that NOTHING Good Comes From Closing!

Inclosing to check out more of Melissa’s work you can check out her website ->

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