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Simple, Easy and Supportive online education providing women the tools to:

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Path 2 BE Me™ Program starts in.


Do you struggle with being Truly happy?

Life With Options Education Is for Women who are

If you are being controlled by your emotions, you need Life With Options Programs

Abuse is not just found in intimate relationships.

What environment are you living in?

I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in YEARS!!!


Our Pathway


We clarify with you what you’re situation is, what you’re searching for and then provide you an opportunity to join the right program for you.


Join the right program for you and be held by the hand as you learn the tools to work through your struggles in a safe, supportive and judgement free environment. 


You’ve embraced your True Self haven held past relationship trauma and empowered with tools and strategies to be in control of your emotions, mind and confidence!

What's the point of a coach?

Are you ready to be coachable?

Customers reviews

I was nervous that it wouldn’t work for me, that I’d waste my money and that the distance would make it hard to communicate. But I realized that the tools Brett has offered have set me free!!
Before joining I didn't think I was worth the investment in myself based on my past.. Glad i didn't listen to myself, this program has changed how I show up, not just for myself but for others. I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in YEARS!!!
I’m so grateful to Brett and his Path 2 BE Me program and for everything it’s given me access to in my life. I was hitting rock bottom. I knew something needed to change and I was ready to do the work. Brett was so understanding.
I am finally finding my truth and my true path in life!! I have now gained a clear understanding of where my beliefs have come from, by allowing myself to be vulnerable in a very friendly safe non judgmental environment I have been able to expose my emotions about my past with ease and getting to the source of where my life issues have actually stemmed from is like a weight off and provided much healing.

You can either keep trying to work it out on your own...

Or you can follow a proven pathway & Heal it all in just a few weeks.

The Choice is yours...


Will it work for me?

Our education will work for any women who shows up and does the work. If you’re open and ready for change then yes it will work for you.

Is it group education?

A number of our programs are group based. In this space we create a safe, judgement free space that all members respect so that you are comfortable to express your truth.

What's the cost?

Our programs vary and there are a number of payment plan options available. The best option would be to request your invitation and we can discuss what options work for you.

Will it take up a lot of time?

No, our programs are designed to be completed within 1-2 hours per week. But at the same time the learning doesn’t stop there as you’ll see it playing out in your life.

I Don't know i'm worth it...

A number of our students felt this way before making the commitment. Due to past relationships, life and social projections haven damaged their self belief. Just know you are worth it!

Can I get a refund?

If you’re already thinking this way then maybe our programs aren’t for you just yet. Note that refunds are not offered.

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