Self Connection

Self Connection, What Does It Mean To You?

What is the first thought when you think ‘Self Connection’?

An interesting topic because self connection means different things to different people. Although I believe in the end it comes back to being a similar thing. It appears even Google see’s it as something different…

Thinking I would start this off with a universal meaning of self connection, Google wants to come back with ‘text to self’ connections. Which apparently means making a connection with the text that you’re reading…

Ahh yeh OK! Not what i was looking for.

So I’ll outline my view of what self connection means:

“Self connection is the ability to tune into your inner self on a level that allows you to become consciously aware of your actions and habits. This is done through quieting the mind through meditation or other solo time. Through this process it is proven to bring a greater level of fulfilment and joy to ones life.”

Why Connect Is Self Connection Important?

In this day when social media is such a big part of our world it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparison. This trap is when you’re sitting back on the couch, maybe not too happy with how your life is going and you start to see all these glamour photo’s of people’s lives.

In this process finding yourself in self destruct mode is rather common. Especially if you’re not clear on yourself, because it just appears that EVERYONE has their life together but you..

Why do I highlight this specifically?

Because it is becoming more and more common for people to base their self-worth on the number of likes you get on a photo. Putting my hand up I’ll definitely say that I have been there and at times I find myself there again. But these days it’s completely different. Because when you become self connected you are able to step out of the energy and emotion of the moment. Recognise what is going on quicker and find yourself at a place of balance a lot faster.

How Often Should I Work On Self Connection?

Realistically, this is a daily practise and if you’re in a place where you’re feeling lost in life or simply unhappy then this is definitely someone you’ll want to focus on.

When I decided to take notice of what was going on for myself I had hit a low point in my life. At the time I was coming out of a breakup and had a lot of other external pressures. One thing I knew was that deep down inside I wasn’t happy. On top of this I also recognised that there was NO one coming to save me! Therefore it was MY duty to grow and understand myself to a level that I could pull myself out of the place I was in.

As much as it would be nice to keep playing the victim role and have someone come to our rescue, it’s just not going to happen. At least not for the long-term, sure someone might come by and pat you on the back but ultimately they’ll be frustrated with you not stepping up.

SO the only thing to do is acknowledge that it’s your duty to understand you and become strong in who you are as a person. Having this become a part of your daily activities will ensure you unlock your full connection and potential. Be it dedicating 5 mins to meditate each morning or understanding your trigger points to a level that you can ‘check in’ whilst you’re going about your day.

I’m Too Busy To Spend Time On This!

There are some things in life that seem to be a hinderance but in fact open up a world of greater ease when implemented. Dedicating time to self connection is one of these things. When you develop this conscious connection, moving from being unconsciously reactive to consciously creative in life you will find a lot more ease.

It will allow you to handle the daily stresses of life from a grounded place. Instead of feeling as though you’re in the tumble dryer on heavy-duty cycle.

At the same time, this is not something you can spend one day on and then be done! This is a journey and each moment we have an opportunity to grow out self connection. Understanding how we respond to a wide array of situations.


So if you think you’re too busy then I highly suggest you take note! To make it easier for you to understand where to start on this journey should that be confusing for you. I have created a video series that walks you through creating a deeper self connection. I uncover your trigger points for your emotions, thoughts and bringing an awareness to your internal workings. For more on this head over to => Path To Self Mastery.


In closing.


Leave a comment answering the following: “What does self connection mean to you?”


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