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The Irony Of Life…

Our journey back to bliss.

This week I’m grateful to be getting a chance to meet my 1 month old niece. It’s my first niece and the first child in my family so I have no doubt this little on will be getting spoilt.

Holding this little one in my arms looking at her peaceful nature it has me think about how we spend the rest of our lives working to get back there.

The road back to bliss.

It’s well known that the early years of our lives we form our a values, beliefs and view’s on the world. It’s in these years we learn who we are from our parents and those around us. All the good, bad and ugly.

Who else is searching for that bliss?

I know for myself the last number of years has been all about finding the path back to this bliss. Now do I believe it’s 100% possible?

No I don’t, but I do believe that there is a high possibility to be able to get to a place of greater harmony within this world.

Where does this all start?

Firstly will be to learn to meditate, meditation is the one thing that allows you to quieten the world around you and to disconnect.

When you create this space and allow your mind to soften into it you will feel all the ‘worries’ of the day dissipating.

Then whilst sitting in meditation allowing yourself to uncover a deeper connection with yourself, your thoughts, emotions mindset and triggers. Through this Path To Self Mastery you learn to uncover new ways to process life when challenges show up.

What is your view on Meditation?


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