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Systemized Online Business, Why Is It Important?

When you think online business, what do you think?

In the early days I didn’t appreciate the power of systems. I simply thought yeh I’ll just start an online business and that will be it. Sure it might mean that it takes up a lot more time but that will be ok as it will be my own thing.

This mentality only lasted a few months as i started to think No! The reason why I want to start my own online business is to claim back time in my life.

I should point out whilst my initial focus here is on affiliate marketing, which is in short leveraging someone else’s products that you market and receive a commission from. I wont go into detail about that as you can head over to -> here to learn more.

What I soon realised.

Is that the first online business that I became involved with was in essence just another job. It required you to do everything. Whilst I would expect that as it’s your business you have to do a lot as no one else is going to do it for you.

BUT just because you have one way to do something doesn’t mean there is a better way to do it. This had me searching for another online business that had effective systems in place.

And that’s where I came across my current affiliate marketing company. This one company has taught me everything I know which has allowed me to set up and systems for my own product line.

Why are systems important in online business?

Ofcourse systems are important in traditional business also, but my focus on the online business is due to:

People turn to building a business online so they can leverage time, work remotely and travel the world.

So when you have a business that is systemized, be it a sales team that processes your sales for you or an ascension product line with systemized up sells. This then allows you to have a true freedom business.

Otherwise if you’re having to call your own leads then it becomes harder to travel. The first business i previously mentioned mean that I had to call my own leads. This was ok whilst I was in Sydney. I knew my Canadian leads I had to call before 9am and the English leads in the evening.

But if you’re then in a different timezone and it means you have to wake up at midnight to call leads. This does not equal a true freedom business. In turn you are then tied to the business.

 So in conclusion.

In the early days of starting your own online business it is going to take a lot of work! Systems or no systems, it’s still going to have its challenges. But there are specific tasks that you can ‘outsource’ allowing you to focus on the real business growth activities. So wouldn’t it there for make sense to understand and implement systems where possible.

They then form a guideline that ensures specific tasks are completed.

Then at the same time, if you’re thinking I have no idea where to start. Then start here, start by understanding what the idea online business structure is. Because when you understand this you then have a frame-work you can take anywhere!



Leave a comment below: What is your experience with starting your own online business? 

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