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Are you fed up with questioning yourself?

Are you fed up with questioning yourself?

Are you ready to truly be happy?

12 Week Women's Group Program
Live in Perth Starting Soon

*Spots are limited

Are you a women who:

The Path 2 BE Me™ Program is a safe, non judgemental space that supports you to heal!

How will this help me?

Supportive, structured and simple online 12 week program for women.

Learn the tools to:

I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in YEARS!!!


Your Coach

Brett Williams

Founder of Life With Options and the creator of the Path 2 BE Me™ Program. Over the years Brett has supported and guide many women to heal past relationship trauma and to stand in their True Self.

Over the years Brett has supported and guide many women just like you to be truly confident and happy in themselves.

The creation of the Path 2 BE Me™ Program is focused on the embodiment of your truth.

Breaking free of social conditioning that says 'you're too nice' or that 'it's always your fault' both of which has people constantly taking advantage of you and damages your self confidence.

It's time to stop letting people walk over you time and time again!

EXpression of interest:

if you're committed to transforming your current situation and finally being happy, then use the form below to submit an obligation free application for the first Live in person Path 2 BE Me™ Program!
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Words from past students

I was nervous that it wouldn’t work for me, that I’d waste my money and that the distance would make it hard to communicate. But I realized that the tools Brett has offered have set me free!!
Before joining I didn't think I was worth the investment in myself based on my past.. Glad i didn't listen to myself, this program has changed how I show up, not just for myself but for others. I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in YEARS!!!
I’m so grateful to Brett and his Path 2 BE Me program and for everything it’s given me access to in my life. I was hitting rock bottom. I knew something needed to change and I was ready to do the work. Brett was so understanding.
I am finally finding my truth and my true path in life!! I have now gained a clear understanding of where my beliefs have come from, by allowing myself to be vulnerable in a very friendly safe non judgmental environment I have been able to expose my emotions about my past with ease and getting to the source of where my life issues have actually stemmed from is like a weight off and provided much healing.

spots are limited
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What to expect

PATH 2 BE Me™ Program

Week 1 - 4

The first 4 weeks of this program is focused on letting go of all social projection and social conditioning that has shaped your identity so that you can get back to knowing who you are. The social conditioning that is healed through these 4 weeks can be from childhood, family, friends, workplace or unhealthy relationships. Once this is healed you will feel ALOT lighter, freer and happier, finally knowing the answer to the question 'who am I?'

Week 5 - 10

Now that you've let go of the social conditioning that has been holding you back for all these years it's time to free yourself from yourself. Have you ever experienced a time when your emotions were running your reactions? That you said or did something you weren't proud of and you're not even sure why? Well this is what I'm talking about freeing yourself from yourself, it's about having a deeper understanding of how you have been running on autopilot only to get the results you don't want. So now it's time to start living a life that actually lights your soul!

Week 11

By this point you're a new woman and I can promise you that your friends and family will notice your now radiant glow plus your happiness and joy for life. No longer are you impacted by your past and you're now in conscious charge of your future! So now that we have laid the foundations for mastering your self, it's time we understand other people. That is what week 11 is all about, through this you'll find compassion for people who once agitated you and you'll no longer be impacted by their comments or actions like you once were.

Week 12

Week 12 is all about integration, it's about cementing the foundations, lessons and new tools you've learnt over the 12 weeks. By now you will be standing in your True Self with True Confidence and ready to take on the world! And you'll have joined the 'Freedom Seeker Tribe' a tribe of other women who like you were after the internal freedom that once felt like a distant hope, for you now, it's reality!

You're only one Clarity Call away
from having all of this!


Will it work for me?

Our education will work for any women who shows up and does the work. If you’re open and ready for change then yes it will work for you.

Is it group education?

A number of our programs are group based. In this space we create a safe, judgement free space that all members respect so that you are comfortable to express your truth.

What's the cost?

Our programs vary and there are a number of payment plan options available. The best option would be to request your invitation and we can discuss what options work for you.

Will it take up a lot of time?

No, our programs are designed to be completed within 1-2 hours per week. But at the same time the learning doesn’t stop there as you’ll see it playing out in your life.

I Don't know i'm worth it...

A number of our students felt this way before making the commitment. Due to past relationships, life and social projections haven damaged their self belief. Just know you are worth it!

Can I get a refund?

If you’re already thinking this way then maybe our programs aren’t for you just yet. Note that refunds are not offered.

Apply today
spots are limited.

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