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He Said “You’re Broken!”​ You Believed Him – Here’s WHY!

You’re broken, you’re unlovable, you’re lucky you have me cause no one else would love you OR you’re getting a little ‘chubby’…. They are all a projections of his own insecurities that he’s not willing to or unable to acknowledge, so he directs his pain towards you! These are some of the comments many of my clients have

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Women… Your EGO Is Damaging YOUR Relationships!

That’s right, women your EGO is damaging your intimate, personal and professional relationships! Below I’ll outline 2 reasons why, but for now if you’re triggered and pointing the finger at me say “what about men’s EGO’s!?!?” If this is you, then point number 2 is for you! So what is the EGO? Google defines it

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Are You A People Pleaser?

Speaking to my coaching clients I’ve seen this to be one of the most debilitating traits.   In this video I dive into some of the traits to look out for, how to identify them and also a way to be able to find freedom within this personal trait. So that you can take back

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Actually, you can

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We rise by lifting others

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Just Walk Away!

I had this awareness! “When you want to take something to the next level, sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away from it!” What comes up for you when you read that? Is it resistance? Is it agreement out of the frustration you may feel? Or is it confusion because it

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