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Take the risk or lose the chance

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And so the adventure begins

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He Doesn’t REALLY Want To Change! Here’s Why…

It is SOOO easy to say you ‘want’ to change but it’s the follow through is where the gold is! That is were new connections are formed within the subconscious and the conscious mind to form a new layer that defines your identity! When was the last someone said to you “I am ready to

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Being Liked IS Hurting You!

Next time you’re hanging out with someone ask yourself if you’re ‘trying to be liked?’ And then ask yourself ‘at what cost?’   In order for people to like us we must be like them… This is basic physiology and includes personality traits, hobbies and behaviors… And as we’re living in a world that is

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How To Be Connected To The Moon But Not Let It Run Your Life!

Human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience?   Which is it you believe?   Either way, each view portrays the connection between being both human and spiritual in the one existence.   Now I’m aware for some this is a rather delicate topic and I give it the respect

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Girls…. Your Selfie Is Hurting You!

Your selfie might look good, but it’s NOT good… You know the one that has the top down angle, playful glimmer in her eye, cheeky smile and just the right amount of boob to not be called something inappropriate by her girl friends… It gets the likes, it gives her that dopamine rush she’s looking

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