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Life, It’s ALL Meaningless!

Did you know life is in fact meaningless?

I know right firstly you’re probably looking for the ‘EXIT’ button on this page as your EGO just jumps up and should “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” But it is in fact true. Life is meaningless. That is until we humans come into the mix and attempt to create meaning to everything. And did you know that meaning only exist in language, but yet even the words themselves don’t have meaning by themself. Again it’s this human idea that everything has to mean something that then gives it all a meaning.

Well this just got boring quickly…

I mean if words are a themselves meaningless, how can i convey what I’m saying in this blog to you, my reader? Perhaps I may as well just leave it all blank? I mean the black page isn’t going to create an impact? Or will it? See even if the page was blank there would be those out there who create a meaning around why the page is blank…. Perhaps that’s you? Are you nodding right now? ? But there is one thing that is even more fascinating. I’ve spoken of it before in a previous blog around how we have a filter in which we view the world through. It’s also true that we all have a different filter. So what that means is two people can look at the exact same thing and create two very different meanings around it. Perhaps it’s a picture, perhaps it’s this blog. No matter what it is it’s there.

Then what’s the point?

Well the true is that when you start to realise that life is in fact meaningless you get to free yourself from the chains that you’ve locked yourself in to keep you trapped. You get to flow through life in a more manner that allows more ease and grace. It’s this awareness that will also open your eye’s to a world that has always been there but yet you’ve never been able to see it.

So if this grinds your gears…

Then sit with it. Because I can assure you, your EGO wont like this idea that everything it has been creating in your life and what it means to you is in fact meaningless. It’s not even truth, although it can be deemed as your truth. But no ones truth is in fact the real truth. It is all just a perspective through individual filters. hmmm

So if you get triggered, simply notice it and ask yourself what is the real meaning of all this?


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