How not to care is not about not caring. It's about being open to receiving.

How Not To Care!

On Your Journey Learn How Not To Care So Much…

Is about how not to care so much about needing the results. Rather to open up and allow them to flow in. This blog serves as a window in which I can impart knowledge. it allows me to openly express the journey to the end goal of the “Life With Options”. Although the journey in reality is never ending!

The journey entails two elements, the financial element focused on online business (how to start, what it is etc), and the other being the self mastery to be at conscious choice within your own thoughts. Rather then reacting to the world around you.

Both are topics that I am truly passionate about! Although I would say that freedom of mind would have to be a greater focus.


Because once you get the internal game in check, EVERYTHING else falls into place INCLUDING the financial freedom through your online business (should this be something you choose to dive into).

So with that being said this blog allows me to share knowledge to impact, empower and challenge the thoughts of my readers. With that focus i hope to spark a new thought that grows to be life changing. If I can achieve this for just one person, then my work here is done!

This leads into today’s blog as like a number of other blogs today is also focused on mindset! To a degree it’s about manifestation but I’ll leave this detail for another day.

Over the last week I have been diving into another phase of personal growth. This growth phase has been focused specifically around spiritual growth.

Now I’m not turning this into a religious post of any kind. However like all of my posts I will be opening up about my views in the given area. So if anything I share in here challenges a belief of yours then just notice your response and be mindful of it. 

Do you know who Abraham Hicks is?

Many years ago I came across some of his work and of late I have been diving into it in greater detail. Now the first thing I wish to share about Abraham, is that Abraham is not a physical being/person…

HUH? Did I just read that right?

Yes that is correct and no I’m not ‘pulling your leg‘. If you have had any reaction to that sentence, just notice it and lets continue.

To say that another way, Abraham is an entity that is channelled by a lady named Esther Hicks.

For the sake of this blog, I’m not going to dive into more detail. As I do not want to lose you from the focus of this blog. That said, there is one audio recording that I want to share with you. This audio is from one of the seminars ran by Esther/Abraham.


In this, it is a recording a participate asks a questions around manifestation. The question being “how is it that when you are in a relationship and you’re not really interested in the person that they want you more?

When I heard Abraham’s reply to this there was a switch that was flicked within myself. I saw how this situation / analogy can be translated to other area’s of your life, be it a relationship, job, business, financial etc.

What did Abraham say?

“When you are in a state of not caring this is when you are not blocking what the universe is wanting to gift to you. It is in this moment you are allowing the things that you deeply desire to show up as in the end the vortex knows what you truly want.”

When we are in flow with our higher self and as Abraham says our vortex. A vibrationally coded ‘vault’ that has all our hearts desires. The key unlocks when we are vibrating at the frequency / being the person we require to be in order to live the life we desire… Gosh… So many rabbit holes that I’m choosing not to go down in this blog. Maybe another time OR shoot me a message via the contact form.

So what is the point here?

Everything you want is on the other side of being in a place of not caring for the things you want… Because when you learn how not to care so much you unlock the resistance that’s stopping it show up.

I can hear your brain ticking over now! How to not care about something that I want so much when I can’t stop thinking about wanting it so badly?

An interesting question… As said before it could be in many area’s of your life, be it financially, relationship, job etc. In my view the approach to them all is the same!

Firstly you want to notice the throughs that you are having about what it is you’re wanting so badly. These intense thoughts are ones to reduce and relax upon. One of the best ways I’d suggest to understand these thoughts is through Meditation

Next start looking for ways to reduce the intense pressure that you are putting on yourself. If it is financial in that you’re ‘needing’ the online business to boom overnight, then find another job or sell unwanted items to take the pressure off. If it’s relationship then start to look into the motivating factor behind why you want it so much. Is it that you’re uncomfortable with your own company?

I could go on and on about all the intricate elements. Perhaps I may look to break them down into their own blogs later.


Once the above has been addressed, visualise what it is you desire to play out in your life. Visualise it showing up with ease and in flow. You will become surprised as little signs of this desire start to show up as you align your frequency to allow it to show up. When it does start to show up focus on the relaxation and allowance of it. Otherwise you may sabotage it’s development.

In the end, be easy on yourself. Love yourself for who you are, be grateful for the things you have and limit the negative talk. This will aid in you becoming an alignment for the things you desire. And lastly you will learn how not to care so much that you block it form showing up.

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