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He Said “You’re Broken!”​ You Believed Him – Here’s WHY!

You’re broken, you’re unlovable, you’re lucky you have me cause no one else would love you OR you’re getting a little ‘chubby’….

They are all a projections of his own insecurities that he’s not willing to or unable to acknowledge, so he directs his pain towards you! These are some of the comments many of my clients have been on the receiving end of, from the man that they thought loved them becomes the man who breaks them! In society there is an unwritten belief that it’s ‘OK’ to treat those closest to you the worst because “hey, they love me, they’ll never leave we’re soul mates!” This view can be the most damaging view to have of them all because you will justify the emotional abuse… Saying ‘Oh he doesn’t REALLY mean it.’ And because you made that relationship commitment to him! So ALL of your logical thought goes out the window because ‘what would people say or think if we broke up!’ Let’s be honest, if a girlfriend of yours spoke to you like that you would hang around her much longer, you’d think twice next time she invited you to hang out. But why does all of this matter?? Simple – because YOU MATTER! Your happiness matters, you deserve to be loved AND respected by your man! So maybe now you’re starting to see the light in what has been going on within your relationship, you’re getting to the point that you’re thinking ‘enough is enough!’ Your soul is BROKEN! Your heart is BROKEN! And now that the wake up call has hit you hard enough, you’re taking notice. Now I want to make this 100%, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! Yes there is a few cracks here and there but they can all be repaired! I work with many women to rebuild their:
  • self belief which has been broken.
  • self image which has been broken.
  • self acceptance which they’re questioning.
  • trust within the masculine, understanding what healthy masculine is.
  • and much more, plus breaking the cycle of dating ‘the same guy.’
So if you’re ready, you’re saying ‘enough is enough’and you’re ready to rebuild then the next step is for you to schedule a clarity call with myself! On this call we will bring clarity to the fog that you’re currently living and viewing the world within. Plus outline a path moving forward to ensure you’re the women you know you were born to be! -> Click Here To Schedule Your Free Clarity Call

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