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What is happiness to you?

In my blog ‘How To Be Happy’ I spoke about the attachment to material things and how this is the fastest way to unhappiness. But yet this topic is much broader than just that.

First let’s define ‘happiness’:

Well that is really helpful now isn’t it… I mean how can you use a version of the word to describe the word? I can understand how this question of ‘what does happiness look like’ to be a self-fulfilling prophecy…

So with that I believe I can put together something that shines more light on this idea.

Happiness is the state of being that has you be in a feeling of bliss, harmony and in flow with life. It is a state that is brought on by the actions you take and the thoughts you think. Happiness is a state that can be achieved no matter the situation as it is first constructed in the mind. In order to find this state during any situation it is required to look for a reason to be grateful for the situation. When you do this you will find the path to happiness within that situation to be clearer.

What Does Happiness Look Like For You?

In a world full of social media where it can be easy to fall into a trap of comparison it can also be challenging to understand what happiness looks like for you. Especially if you’re in a mentally and emotionally growing period of your life. When you find yourself here it feels like NOTHING will bring you happiness.

This is not true.

One of the best places to start is to look back at your childhood. What was it that you used to do to amuse yourself, what used to bring you joy and make you laugh?

Note when you ask this question your mind may jump in and try to justify why you cannot do this any more…. Just acknowledge this thought and continue exploring.

When you find that thing.

I have asked myself this question many times over the years and have also had others ask me of late. Recently because I spend so much time on my vision ?, to inspire and empower my audience.

What I found for myself is that I used to enjoy being out doors, making up my own games, like throwing a ball against the wall, hand stands, running around and just all round being active. So that what I go back to, now sure it may not be with the exact same level of enthusiasm but have you ever (as an adult) just jumped up on that brick wall next to the path and walk along it? I’m sure you did when you were a kid.

Just something as simple as this brings me back to that connection I developed with fun when I was a kid.

Or when I go hiking I ensure I jump across the rocks because this too brings me back to that place of happiness. Even if it is for a moment, these moments are key to better understanding yourself and to build that ‘happiness muscle’.

What brought you happiness when you were a kid? Perhaps it was painting, writing, doing hand stands? I challenge you to reconnect with this today.


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