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The Vision

To create the largest online support community for women who have been through abusive relationships, trauma and are left questioning themselves. Why? So they can know they are not alone on this journey, to know it’s ok to discuss these topics and to be supported with monthly webinars providing value and tools to progress through daily challenges.

The Why Behind this...

Growing up witnessing the impact my Dad’s emotionally abusive comments had and have had on my Mum self confidence, self love, self worth and overall happiness I took it on as my own responsibility to ‘fix’ my parents relationship. Ofcourse no relationship can be ‘fixed’ unless those in it are willing to do the work. So that’s where my focus shifted, to support other women and Mum’s out there who are ready to do the work to rebuild their relationship with self and to support them along the journey. Whilst leveraging my stills with NLP, Spirituality and rebuilding my own relationship with self after breaking from an emotionally abusive relationship my service to the world shifted to where it is today, supporting women on their journey. Hence this makes up a lot of the why behind the vision of this community and Life With Options.¬†

Relationship With SELF

Do you love and accept yourself fully? Perhaps this is still a struggle, yet the end ¬†destination is possible. Perhaps there are parts your not willing to accept about your past just yet, although these parts may also be what’s keeping you from the life your soul is screaming out for!
Just know, you’re not broke! A thought that may of my clients ponder. But know you’re not! It is time though to fully understand your own operating system and the tools to be able to take back control.

Monthly Subscription What's Included

$9.98 AUD Per month (Approx 7.10 USD)

Brett Williams
Life With Options - Founder

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