December 2012 is when it started, this when I came to realise that the world has changed.

Working in the mining industry in Perth, Western Australia I had been a draftsman for 9 years. I thought my job was secure and my future set! Even if I had a few wavering thoughts about doing this job for the next 40 years, heck I was working with BHP one of the industry giants!

This world shattered and I was quick to realise that the idea of job security was a world my grandparents grew up in. You know the one where you work for only a couple of companies during your career and they reward you with a gold watch for your service.

These stories are now pre phrased with “In the good old days…”

At the time I couldn’t to see this sudden change of my path to be a blessing, but it was a loud and clear message that I had to create my own security in life.

This is when Life With Options was born, in short it means freedom, freedom to live life on your terms and to create a life by design. Being able to spend your days with friends, family or travelling the world.

I believe that we are not born to be locked up in a cubical or a job that we hate, I believe life is meant to the enjoyed! You might be thinking, “Yes Brett I agree, but seriously how?”

Now I recognise that this might sound a little far fetched for some and I thought the exact same thing at the start but my heart said otherwise.

The most comment question I get is “How?” and that is why Life With Options is an education based company that teaches people how to start an online business OR take your traditional business and leverage the online market. But not only a bout business it also covers mindset thought the 'Path To Self Mastery' programs.

We live in a glorious time, technology is in our favour and with this education it is the era of digital business transformation! Head over to the products page to find out more.

Let me take this moment to welcome you and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Speak soon,